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July 10 2014


Wine Openers & Corkscrews - A bit History

Wine bottle tree
Wine has been around for millennia, but not the corkscrew. In early days, wine was stored in earthenware vessels or perhaps in wooden barrels.

It had been just a couple 100 years ago that wine turned stored in corked bottles. However, and before that, other substances were saved in a container having a cork, and thus required an implement to tug the cork out.

Bottle tree
So, where did the first corkscrew result from, and who was simply its inventor? Well, unfortunately we cannot obviously have a clear response to that, but this is what Ron McLean, a corkscrew historian-who knew there is this!-with the Virtual Corkscrew Museum has to say,

"It is unknown when and who made the initial corkscrew. The first corkscrews were derived from a gun worme, an instrument having a single or double spiral end fitting used to clean musket barrels or to extract an unspent charge in the barrel. By the early 17th century corkscrews for removing corks were made by blacksmiths as utilizing a cork to stopper a container was more successful."

McLean's research also lists five patents, filed in England, France, Untied States, Germany and Canada, for the reason that order, from 1795 to 1883.

It's interesting to note the type of manual corkscrews hasn't really changed much since those start. Once the lever style corkscrew came into common use recently, many thought, "ooh, how much of an original idea." Many thought wrong. The lever, or winged style bottle of wine opener, has actually been around considering that the late eighteen hundreds and the newer designs are based on that.

Of course, today inside the 21st century, we love to our gadgets and gismos. If there's a means to automate a day to day task, we're all because of it. And so the electric wine bottle opener is now a standard thing. Oh, you likely won't begin to see the sommelier your favorite restaurant one to spread out that fine cabernet or merlot you ordered, but some a household make use of them and love them for that easy extracting a cork from the bottle. For those who find having an traditional style corkscrew hard, or are simply tired of picking crumbled cork from their wine, buying a power model could be the right choice.

And if those YouTube videos you stumble across can be believed, you can even make use of a phone directory or even the trunk of the tree to spread out a bottle of wine if you have lost your corkscrew somewhere!

So, however today's corkscrew had become available, there exists a number of different types to choose from. In the very easy screw on a handle to a lot more sophisticated models.

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